Virtual Bike Lesson Program

Four Private Lessons

Reduced Rate: $299 (Save $200)


Enjoy the beautiful scenery of your community as you re-discover the fun of riding a bike all over again. In our private lessons designed for adult beginners, you'll learn the fundamentals while bicycling with a caring instructor. Live instruction from Bike Coach Rebecca Cooley is offered virtually through live video calls.


In this beginner class, our instructor will teach you:

  • Proper stance and sitting on the bicycle for stability and balance

  • Feel comfortable, confident and at ease on a bike

  • Turning

  • Cycling techniques for various terrains

  • Essential methods for switching gears and using breaks

  • Different types of bikes and general bike maintenance

  • and more!



  • Professional instruction

  • 60-minute Intro lesson to establish the basics and learn the technique

  • Three additional 30-minute instructional calls with your bike coach (live video calls)

  • Your coach will offer you instruction and correction verbally 

  • Homework is given at the end of each lesson

  • Once you master a step then we schedule the next lesson

(If you are unable to do the live video call, then you can record yourself and use dropbox to share your video. Your coach will review your video during your call to give you instruction.)


With Happy Cyclists Adult Beginner Bike Riding Lessons, you'll learn how to ride your bike, from the comfort of your home, with our caring and encouraging instructor, Bike Coach Rebecca Cooley, who is ready to help you achieve your goal of riding a bike. The private classes are offered one-on-one for quality and for introducing you to this amazing activity. 


  • Beginners and Re-learning: It takes an average of 4-6 bike lessons to learn how to ride a bike. Most people add additional lessons to solidify their skills with a coach at their side. Our instructor is a Certified Master Life Coach who specializes in relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help you feel comfortable and confident with getting back on a bike whether it's your first time on a bike, or it's been 10 or 20+ years since you've ridden. Your coach specializes in fear-busting. 


           PRIVATE PROGRAM: Four lessons 



Additional 60 minute private lessons are available. $125/per 60-minute lesson


In the additional 60-minute lessons, our instructor will continue to work with you on mastering:

  • Balancing

  • Pedaling

  • Turning

  • Essential methods for switching gear and using breaks


Class schedule

Daily, April 1- November 1 (by appointment)

We are currently booking bike lessons for the 2021 season. Lessons are booking quickly -schedule yours today and begin enjoying the fun of biking. 

2021 is your year to learn how to ride a bike! 

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


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"Thank you for your kind words & faith in me. You are an awesome teacher & I am so grateful to have you coaching me through this journey. I learned & loved every minute of our session."



"Absolutely amazing! Rebecca is an amazing coach and I felt so comfortable with her there. I hadn't ridden a bike since the 90s and even then wasn't so great at it. She helped me visualize the experience beforehand and gave me the confidence to try my best. I could not have done it without Happy Cyclists. Now I bought a bike and I cycle everyday!"




Intro to Adult Beginner Bicycling

Happy Cycling Stats

Happy Cycling Stats

-within one 60 minute lesson most of our customers increase their comfort level on a bike from 1 to 3! -100% of our customers give our bike lessons the highest ranking of "Very Useful"! -the furthest a customer has driven for our lessons is 120 miles!