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Beginner Bicycling for KIDDOS!

What Happy Parents are saying...

"Our son has taken off and is enjoying his bike so much! It was great to meet you and wonderful to have your assistance. Thank you again, we would recommend you for sure!"

-B. & S., Happy Parents of one Happy Cyclist


"Lee went from needing assistance to start and ride in straight line to riding in a line and a circle totally independently, stopping and starting at will, in one hour. The smile on his face was testament to the progress he made and confidence he gained. Thank you!"

-Happy Parents of one Happy Cyclist


"My daughter has gained confidence and perseverance! She was terrified of riding a bike and her self esteem and confidence was affected because of this. Thanks to your encouragement and direction (though she needs practice) she feels the confidence to be able to overcome and conquer it."

-S., Happy Parent of one Happy Cyclist



Happy Cycling Stats

Happy Cycling Stats

-within one 60 minute lesson most of our customers increase their comfort level on a bike from 1 to 10! -100% of our customers give our bike lessons the highest ranking of "Very Useful"! -the furthest a student has driven for our lessons is 120 miles! -we are contacted regularly by students in Paris and Amsterdam for our lessons! -we offer virtual bike lessons to students across the country!



Our Bike Coach Rebecca Cooley specializes in helping children who have a fear of falling and biking and who are not able to learn through traditional methods. She has a 100% success rate for over 10 years with helping children learn how to ride a bike. 


In our private lessons for kids, your child will learn the fundamentals while bicycling with a caring instructor.


In the lessons, our bike instructors will teach your child:

  • Proper stance and sitting on the bicycle for stability and balance

  • Balancing

  • Turning

  • Cycling techniques for various terrains

  • Essential methods for switching gears and using breaks

  • Different types of bikes and general bike maintenance

  • and more!


  • Professional one-on-one instruction, with individual attention

  • The lessons will establish the basics for your child to learn the technique 

  • Your coach will offer your child instruction and correction

  • Homework is given at the end of each lesson

How it works:

  • After each lesson, your child will be given custom homework to practice and master.

  • Once your child masters their homework and is ready for the next lesson, you can schedule your next lesson with her/his coach. 


*Each child learns to ride a bike at their own pace. This depends on how often your child practices own their own (and with you) between lessons. At times this pace is once weekly, other times the child may need a pace of every two weeks to practice. When scheduling your program with your child's bike coach, please give us an idea of your child's self-motivation for learning to ride a bike so we can create the schedule that is best suited for him/her.


What your child needs for the lessons: your child's bicycle, and protective gear including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves


With Happy Cyclists , your child will learn how to ride their bike, with one of our caring and encouraging instructors, Bike Coach Rebecca Cooley or Bike Coach Stuart Brunt, ready to help them achieve the goal of riding a bike. The private classes are offered one-on-one for quality ideal for introducing your child to this amazing activity.


  • Bike Riding Program

    • includes two 60-minute lessons​ (some children may need three lessons)

  • Additional 60-minute Lessons available

*Programs usually take not more than 2 lessons per child. Most children are able to learn how to ride a bike by the second lesson. All children are able to learn how to ride a bike by the third lesson provided they are internally motivated and practice between lessons. Additional support and lessons are available if needed. 

Class schedule

regular schedule in March- November (please note that reschedules are likely for the rainy season March-April)

We are currently booking bike lessons for KIDS for the 2024 season. Lessons are booking quickly -schedule your child's today so they can begin enjoying the fun of biking. 

2024 is your child's year to learn how to ride a bike! We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Reserve your child's bike lessons today!

Fill out the Happy Cyclists Reservation Form for KIDDOS

*After we receive the form, we will contact you to let you know if your child is eligible for bike lessons (based on age)

*We will then schedule your child's lesson and complete your registration.


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