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Terms and Conditions

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Advanced Purchase of Lesson Required

You must purchase tickets for your lesson in advance by phone. Be aware that classes do sell out, so book ahead if possible, to ensure your desired date. We accept credit or debit cards.

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Arrive On Time for Lesson

Please arrive ON TIME. Classes start promptly. Classes begin with an overview and rider safety training session as  well as a brief coaching session to talk about your bike riding concerns and answer your questions, then hands-on instruction where you get comfortable with the bike and spend time riding the bike supervised by an instructor, and followed by time riding the bike on your own or with the instructor by your side. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to your lesson, you will be too late for the overview/training session, thereby forfeiting your ticket. Forfeited tickets cannot be used for rescheduling and will not be refunded. Sessions start promptly at 10:00 and end promptly at 11:00; if you are no more than 10 minutes late, we will continue the lesson but the lesson will end at 11:30 a.m. thereby cutting into necessary instruction time. Continued tardiness will affect the results and you will likely need to purchase additional lessons to cover the missed time. 

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Cancellation Policy

Lessons are nonrefundable, but reservations can be rescheduled (subject to availability) with a minimum of 24 hours notice. In the event that the client cannot make the scheduled appointment, a 24 Hour advance notice is required. If a 24 Hour notice of cancellation is not received then the appointment will be counted as a no-show and considered complete. The client will be charged the full fee for missed appointments (unfortunately we are not able to make exceptions to this policy). To learn the basic techniques of the bike lessons, the client will need to complete all required lessons that are part of the package, any missed lessons will signifiantly impact the client's lessons and the coach may recommend that additional lessons be purchased to make up for any missed lessons. 


Reschedules (with 24 hour notice) in excess of 1 lesson will be subject to the availability of the bike coach, and your entire program may be re-scheduled in the next year's season. 


Lessons are provided in either 2 weeks or 6 weeks classes, and intended to be completed within that time frame (weather permitting); the end date of your class will be indicated in your Bike Lesson Email. You will have a 2 month grace period (prior to Nov. 1) to complete any  missed lessons. All remaining lessons after this grace period are considered forfeited. 


August - October reschedules (with 24 hour notice) in excess of 1 lesson will be subject to the availability of the bike coach, and may be scheduled in the next year's season. 


All rescheduled lessons must be completed prior to the end of the season, November 1st. Every effort will be made to reschedule lessons prior to the end of the season; however, all lessons not completed prior to November 1st will be completed during the next season. Customers are responsible for rescheduling their lessons.

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Bringing Your Own Bike

Yes, participants are welcome to bring their own bicyle; however, the price is the same whether you bring your own bicycle or not. If you do plan to bring your own bike, please let the Happy Cyclists know at the time of reservation. Note: your bicycle seat may need to be adjusted to attach necessary training equipment.


We give our clients recommendations for purchasing or renting bikes that fit their size. You will be practicing modified techniques between lessons if you choose the 3 class package, and you it is highly encourage that you practice between lessons with a 6 class package so that you can learn the techniques in a timely manner. *Students who do not practice on their own tend to need additional lessons. 


KIDS LESSONS: Parents will need to purchase a bike in advance of the lessons that fits the child's height. More information will be provided in the introductory phone call. 

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The Company respects your privacy and we must insist that you also respect our privacy. In the course of participation in the Program, confidential and proprietary information, plans, ideas, and trade secrets will be revealed by the Company. You agree that you will not disclose such information to any person or entity outside of Program lessons and will not use any confidential or proprietary materials acquired by you through the Program for any purpose whatsoever outside of the Program, whether commercial, educational, or otherwise. By signing, you acknowledge that all confidential material and information revealed to you is and remains the sole intellectual property of the Company who revealed it.

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Client Responsibility

We have made every effort to accurately represent the Program and its potential. Every individual's success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. You confirm to the Company that any decisions or actions you take in response to advice or information acquired in the Program, and their consequences, are your sole responsibility. You also agree that you will practice between sessions and purchase a bike or rent a bike between sessions to keep up your momentum. Practice is a requirement of the program and not optional. You agree that you will commit to completing the entire bike lesson program and unless medically advised by your physician will not stop the program prior to the end date. You agree that you are responsible for sharing any physical limitations that may impede your progress with the coach prior to purchasing the program so that the coach can adequately prepare for the lesson and/or have all the information needed to determine if the bike program is an appropriate fit for you. 

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Waivers and

Safety Policy

​All participants must sign a liability waiver. A parent will complete the form for their child. Be aware that falling is a possibility and bodily injury may occur. To participate you accept the inherent physical risks associated with biking and learning to ride and confirm that you do so voluntarily and are completely responsible for any medical bills associated with injury incurred during the lessons. Parents are solely responsible for purchasing safety gear for their children prior to the lessons and responsible for ensuring their child is wearing the protective gear during the lessons. 

*For safety reasons, pregnant women are not allowed to participate in our Adult Beginner Bike Riding classes.


Please arrive on time for all activities. The time is stated on your ticket. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, it will not be enough time to provide a complete lesson and therefore will be too late to join the lesson, thereby forfeiting your ticket. Forfeited tickets cannot be used for rescheduling and will not be refunded. 




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Ticket Forfeitures/

Late Arrivals

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Weather Policy

Happy Cyclists will make the final determination if a lesson is cancelled and will contact the ticket holder at the phone number provided with the reservation.

*If the weather forecast at class time calls for heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, ice, snow or other similar conditions, Happy Cyclists will cancel the lesson and ticket holders will be allowed to reschedule to a new date (subject to availability).

*If the weather turns unfavorable during your lesson and the class must come to an early end, the class will be considered fully complete (no rescheduling will occur) if more than half the lesson time has already elapsed.

*Weather is changeable, so please check your phone for voice mail messages just prior to your lesson for possible updates.



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Details about lessons

Classes begin with an overview and rider safety training session as  well as a brief coaching session to talk about your bike riding concerns and answer your questions (15 minutes). After completing the training session, you will spend the rest of the time on the bike getting comfortable, learning how to balance, and learning how to ride the bike (45 minutes). Once you are ready and have progressed in the biking lessons, you will have time to ride on your own or with your instructor riding by your side. The determination to advance to riding around the neighborhood is determined by your coach when she deems it appropriate and safe based on your progress.


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Advanced Lessons

Once you have successfully completed the Introductory Lesson, you will have the opportunity to enroll in the Advanced Lessons. At the end of the Introductory Lesson, we will provide you with detailed information about the Advanced Lessons. If you do not wish to continue, please inform us at that time.

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Indemnity Clause

The Program Instructors/Coaches and Client mutually agree to indemnify and hold each other harmless from any and all claims arising out of this coaching relationship except those willfully, intentionally, and knowingly intended to cause harm to another party.

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Intensity of the Lessons

Riding a bike is a cardio workout and learning to ride involves interval cardio exertion for the duration of the 60 minute course. The lessons can be an intense workout for some- contact me if you have concerns about the intensity of the lessons.


We happily provide lessons for all ages and our clients have ranged in age from 7 to 70. On average, Adults 50 and over experience the best results with six 60 minute lessons, this allows for frequent breaks.  Additional 60 minute lessons can be purchased if more breaks are needed. 

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Bike Lessons for KIDS

The bike lessons for kids are a special service that we offer to assist our community by providing instruction for children 6-years old and up. The private lessons and group classes are provided for children who have not been diagnosed with or who may have behavioral issues or mental-cognitive issues that require special training and expertise which our coach's do not possess. Children enrolled in either private lessons or group classes are required at all times to follow the rules of the program which is to be respectful to the coach and the other participants of the program, and to pay attention to all instruction. In order for the programs to be effective and helpful for all enrolled, if at anytime, a child is disruptive or disrespectful or otherwise difficult to teach or has trouble getting along with others, the privilege of participating in the program will be revoked without refund for any part of the program and the coach will immediately offer the parent step-by-step instruction to continue the lessons at home. Although the home study will begin, the coach will continue to offer guidance and support for the parents and answer questions via email. The child will still receive the Certificate of Completion once the parent has indicated via email that the child has completed the program at home.

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