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More happy cyclists!



To provide a caring  and enthusiastic approach to beginner bike riding lessons

which is enjoyable and comfortable for all ages. Afterall, we are all kids at heart.

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Meet Rebecca
Instructor/Cycling Enthusiast/Fear-buster

Certified Master Coach

Rebecca Cooley is an enthusiastic cyclist and Bike Riding Teacher. She primarily rides her bike along the NC greenways and around her Raleigh home, and has also cycled in Paris, Rome, Brussels, and Amsterdam. 

Rebecca is a Certified Master Coach at Catalyst Action Coaching, specializing in helping people overcome fears in public speaking, interviews, career changes with a focus on stress-reduction and relaxation techniques. She is a spectacular fear-buster who can help you learn or re-learn how to ride a bike. She herself was an adult beginner cyclist who relearned how to ride a bike after not riding for 20 years with the help of her friend (then began riding her bike on average 50 miles per week.) She thoroughly understands the concerns of adult and child beginner bike riders and provides a modified approach to bike riding lessons which is both fun and informative. Rebecca specializes in building confidence and comfort both on a bike and in life. She enjoys riding her bike and hopes to bring the enthusiasm of cycling to adults and children so they too can experience the joy of riding.


Providing a caring approach to beginner cycling lessons in a private setting, Rebecca will help you (or your child) overcome any apprehension so that you can begin to enjoy this wonderfully fun form of exercise. 

Rebecca has been teaching bike lessons for over 10 years to bike students of all ages, including offering bike lessons to students out of state. 

Bike lessons are provided in Raleigh, NC (USA).

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